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Following the success of “Unsettle”, SNS is proud to announce our next SNS Roundtable event, centred around the notion of “Collaboration”. The series will take place in the 2017 regional IABA events (Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific) and culminate at the next IABA World conference in Brazil in 2018. 

Each session will have approximately five panelists and one moderator. Participants range from students, emerging or established scholars, activists, and practitioners, moderated by am SNS representative. Each panelist will give a five-minute presentation; a moderated discussion (for approximately 30-40 minutes) will follow. 

We chose “collaboration” because we believe it is a theoretical, methodological, and political concept that has been continuously and critically driving our field (as well as our network’s mandate) forward. Taking up “collaboration” from critical perspectives pertaining to scholarly, pedagogical, and institutional lives, we believe this topic will produce conversations focused on:
  • Theorizing collaboration: what it means to work collaboratively across disciplines, mediums and locations; what we define as successful or failed collaborations; 
  • Collaborative methods and practices: revisiting and developing collaborative processes and practices of writing, researching, teaching, and activism, including (but not limited to) ethical protocols; collaboration as political work;
  • Collaboration and/as care: working together as care within and beyond academia; 
  • Collaboration and/as inclusion: exploring ways that collaborative methods and theories can create opportunities for radical inclusion (in all senses of the word).

Collaboration Programa
(Resumos + Biografias)
May 15-17 2017
Collaboration Programa
(Resumos + Biografias)
June 7-9 2017
Collaboration Programa
(Resumes + Biografias)
June 23 2017
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